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Jun 11, 2017 | My blog | 0 comments

Over the course of the next year I will be teaching myself graphic design using Adobe Illustrator. Graphic design has always excited me and been something I’ve wanted to do but never really had the time to learn.

Here are a few of things I’ve been playing with so far..

Making my own font from my handwritingfont creation from my own handwriting

I have always found fonts interesting and never tire of look for new ones. When I was at school, I’d change my handwriting every week, just to make my work a bit more interesting and got in Calligraphy too, the interest hasn’t faded and I have bought into a font making course where I will hopefully be able (hopefully) to produce some of my own to sell.

Vector graphicsvector graphics by lyndsay moon

I love using flat styles of graphics, a vector is a graphic you can make any size ie to go on a business card or as a mural on a wall, without loosing any of the detail or pixelating the image.

Typographytypography by lyndsay moon

I love the idea of using fonts in an artistic way, for greeting cards, business cards or something for the wall. Over the years I have kept old magazines and books that have some beautiful old fashioned adverts in them and these provide a lot of inspiration.


Soon I’ll be offering graphic design, vectors, logos and typography but if you need something done now, I am certainly happy to give it a go for a discounted price – practice makes perfect, right?!

Interested in working together?

I love to meet new people and create new projects.

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