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Hello, I'm Lyndsay Moon

a super friendly WordPress website expert & graphic designer

Well hello there, I’m so glad you’ve found me!

I have to tell you something very important about my business though…. it has changed! From June 2020 I have a new business model and website to boot, which can be found at

I have spent a long time designing and building a beautiful selection of pre-made WordPress website designs for you to choose from, this means I will no longer be making bespoke websites to order – sorry about that!

All of my new designs are very flexible and page layouts can be maniuplated easily, so if there is a design you like but it’s not 100% right, I can tweak to fit your needs exactly 🙂

On my new site there is also a fantastic range of logos too – so now I can offer branding and websites – even better than before!!

Please go over to my new website at and see if there is something there you’d like to use for your website, if there is great! – Please get in touch with me via my new website!

Thanks so much!



PS: feel free to mooch around this site too to see what I had been up to before the big change!

Wow! What a star! Lyndsay did a fantastic job, and so quick!
We highly recommend her…

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